Skeptic heroes

book feature

I’ve been spending the last two hours trying to find my way around the various reprints and repackagings of Michael Moorcock’s Elric series. I read the books out of order, part in English and part in Italian translation, back when I was in high school.

Now, much as I enjoyed the stories back in the ’80s, and for all of their role in shaping the sword & sorcery genre, Elric is not my favorite…

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In the service of the hero(ine)

In the service of the hero(ine)

writing feat

Ah, decisions, decisions…

What is better?

a . a very powerful finale that provides a huge hook for other stories, but requires heavy reliance on deus ex machina, somewhat disempowering the main character?



b . a smaller-scale finale without too many whistles and bells, but featuring an action-packed set piece (or two!), showcasing all the best qualities of the main character, providing ample…

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Magic is not the answer

Magic is not the answer

writing feat

OK, so I’m revising my new story, and I’m discussing some story writing essentials with my friends online.
It’s good having someone to compare notes with, to discuss the finer points of the writing art.

Q: How can I have a 90lbs woman kill a 75ft-high iron monster in a satisfactory, credible way?
A: Easy. You get her an Atlantean sword of power descending from the skies, sheathed in…

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Writing on a dare

Writing on a dare

personal feature

CornettoEtCappuccinoOk, it went like this – I was wasting time yesterday morning, on Facebook, having a friendly chat with some author/publisher friends, here in the old C Block of the Italian Blogsphere.
We were talking original ideas, imitation as tribute and nuisance, and all those things, while each one of us was having breakfast at home (isn’t this web-thingie just great?)
Anyway, we were chatting away and…

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Ancient Masters - Peter Kolosimo

Ancient Masters – Peter Kolosimo

media feat

KOLOSIMOMy generation was primed for adventure by Thor Heyerdahl and Folco Quilici, for space exploration by Carl Sagan and yes, for mystery and deep time by Peter Kolosimo.
We were the lucky ones.

So I thought I’ll do a series of posts on these maitres a’ penser of our own.
Books fitting in a pulp hero’s library.

And I’ll start with Peter Kolosimo.
I miss Peter Kolosimo. (more…)

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Writing Prompt – Italian Style Coffee


Faster, better (?)

writing feat

FFBXjyVThere’s something I noticed – I’m getting fast.
At writing, I mean.
Not the mechanical act – I’m still a lousy typist.
The writing, getting the ideas on paper, has become easier.

In the last 24 hours I did the main research and put down the core 5000 words for a short pulpy historical essayI hope I’ll publish by the end of the month, I hammered out 750 words of a story I’d like to pitch to a very…

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Summer homeworks

personal feature

Stainless-Steel-Manual-Meat-Mincer-22-So I was not busy enough, right?
And I decided to find me something to do in my spare time (what spare time?!!) this summer.

Fact is, if I want to reach the largest audience possible with my books, I need to widen my distribution.
Granted, Amazon holds 80% of the market – but what about the remaining 20%?

Also, what about those readers that keep asking for epub and pdf versions of my ebooks and…

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Other People’s Pulps - Regime Heroes

Other People’s Pulps – Regime Heroes


dfulmineAs mentioned in a previous post, the Fascist Regime was bad juju for the pulps in Italy, but the genre did reflect on comics.
Graphic narratives were popular, and probably easier to manipulate.
A few American comics were “adapted” and later pirated by Italian artists – “Tim Tyler’s Luck” became “Cino & Franco”, Mandrake had its dialogues extensively rewritten, and a series of apocryphal Flash…

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Free Swamp God on Monday!