Learning Chinese

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chineseThey say the first day of September is the true “New Year’s Day”, when it comes to work and projects.
It might well be.
It’s certainly true for me – autumn is always a highly-charged time of the year, as far as I’m concerned.
Pity it’s not the same for my country – so, while I’m still sending out CVs and running around looking for a new job, I look around and I keep busy.

And that’s the reason…

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Psychology of Writing

Let’s kick the week (and the month!) off with a fine link and an interesting review…

The Psychology of Writing and the Cognitive Science of the Perfect Daily Routine

As the blurb says…

How to sculpt an environment that optimizes creative flow and summons relevant knowledge from your long-term memory through the right retrieval cues.

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A baroque, pulp Ulysses

A baroque, pulp Ulysses

media feat

Now here’s something… unusual.
An operatic version of Homer’s Odyssey, set to music in 1765 by Gluck*, and represented in 1940s costumes and setting.

The opera is Telemaco, ossia L’isola di Circe (Telemachus, or Circe’s Island).
I like the setting quite a lot.
The idea of Ulysses as a lost flyer is quite interesting.
And when Circethe sorceress as an Oriental Dragon Lady gets into play, the whole…

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Style http://wp.me/s35Ix5-style

A link to the National Geographic Style Manual. Might come in handy someday.

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Being alive

other feat

You wanna hear a horror story?
Fine, here goes: yesterday my mother came back from the dead.
It went like this…


The bank asked my father for a certificate – they asked him to provide legal proof that he’s alive.
It happens.
This being August, and administration offices still being in a state of summer torpor, my father downloaded a standard self-certification form from the web, filled in the…

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The Anciet Worlds in 3D

The Anciet Worlds in 3D

other feat

It’s Friday, but today I will not post an image for a prompt, but rather a link to a full website filled with wonderful images.

Doing some background research for my Aculeo & Amunet stories*, I found AncientVine.com - a huge repository of information, images and video abut life in the Ancient World.


Go check it out.
It will leave you speechless.

* Yes, it’s again the old story of…

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250 http://wp.me/s35Ix5-250

A fast one.
Very fast.

This blog has just reached 250 followers*.


So, this small post is just to say thank you to all of you, ladies and gentlemen, for reading my blog.

* 251, at the moment of writing!

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Swingy Thingies

writing feat

One of the most entertaining and refreshing aspects of working with a great editor is sometimes you spend a whole night discussing swingy thingies.
Which disproves the old legend that authors and editors are often at odds, and engage in fiery discussions.
We were somewhat at odds, but we had a good laugh.

Consider the following contraption


This thing appears in one of the stories that will be…

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Another excellent post from Chuck Wendig…

The Writer And Depression

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New project - short-short and tongue-in-cheek

New project – short-short and tongue-in-cheek

personal feature

PulpCovers-UnknownVol.3,No.3,May1940In a perfect world, I’d have 36-hours-days to spend writing.
It would be fun, and maybe I might even turn a profit out of it.

And yet, sometimes there are weird silly ideas that pop up and won’t lay down.

As I think I mentioned in the past, I started reading fantasy with the rationalized fantasy stories that Unknown Worlds magazine used to publish.
I still love the Tales from Gavagan’s Bar, by Ly…

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